Artwork by Ginny Bracht

About the Artist

Ginny Bracht is a plein air artist and hydrogeologist residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She grew up in a visually and geologically similar landscape, the Kaisut Desert of northern Kenya, where her love of nature and art began. Throughout her years of formal education, Ginny took all of the art classes she could fit into her schedule. She was first introduced to plein air painting in a painting class during her undergraduate studies in Geology at Wheaton College (IL). Her oil paints from that class made many moves with her, coming out for the occasional painting over the following decade. In 2018, a roadtrip to a handful of National Parks compelled her to pull them back out and begin painting in earnest.

Plein air painting is the perfect marriage of Ginny’s love of the natural world and art. It is always a delight to spend a few hours deeply observing one small part of nature and capturing a moment of beauty on canvas. While staying true to the underlying geology and physical structures, her goal is to bring viewers in to feel the moment.